Casting Christian Grey is one of the biggest questions when it comes to film casting for “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

With producers Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti brainstorming with author E.L. James, excited fans want to know more and more information, even suggesting their favorite stars for the key role of complicated, sexy billionaire Christian.  Here is the top fan favorites…VOTE below and let your voice be heard for your Christian Grey in our fan casting poll at the bottom of this page.

Alexander Skarsgard has been melting hearts as Eric Northman on HBO’s True Blood since 2008.  He plays the bad vampire who is self-centered, but has a soft spot for Sookie Stackhouse.  In this part, his character has been closed off, ruthless, as well as, sweet and endearing.  Alexander has been naked in several episodes, so we know he could handle any Christian Grey sex scenes with ease.  Wearing jeans would be more clothing than the Viking wears currently!  His acting has such a range that shows such a raw vulnerability that he could be a great dominating billionaire with a growing heart for his Ana.  See all posts about Alexander Skarsgard here.

Ian Somerhalder has been a fan favorite from day one.  Ian has openly campaigned for the part of Christian Grey on radio shows and red carpets.  His enthusiasm for the role is infectious.  On the CW’s Vampire Diaries, Ian plays a tortured vampire that is hopelessly in love with a girl that is in love with his brother. in which he loves dearly  He is utterly bewitched by her and he does bewitched so well that he would make an amazing Christian Grey that is entranced by Ana Steele.  Ian is also a philanthropist in real life, just like our Christian Grey’s softer side.  See all Ian Somerhalder posts here.

Matt Bomer wears suits everyday in his USA Network series White Collar.  His striking features has made him a great choice for our chiseled Christian Grey.  He started his acting career in soap operas.  I bet he gives great dramatic pauses and stares perfect for our Christian Grey.  Not to mention, even though Matt is openly gay in his personal life, female fans have been actively vying for Matt to have the part of Fifty Shades f@*ked up.  See all Matt Bomer posts here.

Henry Cavill drove women wild on his Showtime hit Tudors where he played the Henry the Eight’s sexy friend and womanizer.  Needless to say his sex scenes were steamy even for paid cable, but always romantic.  He is currently filming Superman and is the man of steel.  When Henry’s Dunhill campaign debuted with photos of him gliding, Fifty Shades fans went wild.  Most females want to chase the dawn with him!  See all Henry Cavill posts here.

Notebook sweetheart, Ryan Gosling, has made romance history with rainy kisses that has won Best Kiss awards. We would love Christian to be a kisser just like this. He has played the brooding good guy in Drive and the shirtless hot guy in Crazy, Stupid Love.  With a acting wrap sheet as long as my arm, I am positive that playing our tortured billionaire with twitching palms would be a piece of cake for him.  Ryan has also chased down bad guys on the streets of NYC so he is naturally compassionate and heroic.  See all posts that include Ryan Gosling here.

Twilight’s Robert Pattinson is who Christian Grey’s mannerisms and characteristics are based on.  E.L. James is a huge Twilight fan and fell in love with Edward Cullen and then soon after with Robert Pattinson who plays him.  He has the sex hair, the nose, the eyes, the chin, and the hands of Christian Grey.  He is great at brooding and looks great in the back of a limo as in Cosmopolis.  Some fans aren’t keen on him being Christian, but others read the Twilight fan fiction first and can’t picture another man playing the role.  See all posts about Robert Pattinson here.

The unknown…we aren’t opposed to an unknown actor that can act and that has great chemistry with the female lead.  Ultimately chemistry is better when it’s not faked.  I want magnets and sparks, shock and awe, from whomever plays Christian and Ana.'s Christian Grey Casting Poll
Who would portray the best Christian Grey for the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' movie?

  • Christina Dyer

    Has to be Jessie Palvalka, perfect grey blue eyes and sex on a stick!

  • Fiftyshades fan

    great ..Matt bomer in the lead ♥♥

  • Dawn Woolam

    I think Matt would b great if only he wasnt gay in real life… that ruins it for me! Ian Somerhaler has it alll……….. right down to the smirk… and of course the way his pants hang off his hips… yum yum YUM!!!

    • Ileana

      YES!!! Someone intelligent here!!! YES HE IS THE ONE AND ONLY…Girls dont be mad, Matt is deliciously sexy, but you know he dont show many interest, and thats not fair, he have a big group of fans that want him in this movie and he is like…MEH!

    • Claudia Ferrer

      OMG finnally someone who actually thinks!! LOL

  • michelle

    Matt Bomer is the perfect CG…

    • Flo Hill

      yes he is

    • balegal1978

      for you a virgin who does not know what is a real man

      • Elvira

        Come on – are you stuck in the 17th century? Your argument suggests you’re either an insecure little girl or your parents dropped you a few too many times as a baby and you lost all common sense. He IS a man and he’s real. Therefore he’s a real man. LOGIC! And please… if you’re going to be stupid at least write in proper english before you embarrass yourself completely…which you have. Tough luck.

  • Chelsea

    Come on everyone plz vote for Ian Somerholder <3!!! We can do it. We cant let Matt Bomer get in lead.

  • Diana Cortez

    yeahhh… #ianforchristiangrey in the lead

  • Diana Cortez

    ian is winning.. yes!

  • Carol Nipperess

    matt bomer always <3

  • Kath Duncan

    It has to b ian somerhalder hes a great actor and so sexy too.

    • PBaar

      He’s perfect as Damon at TVD but as Christian… I don’t think so, sorry

  • katrina kate.

    You see guys.. Matt Bomer is gay, he can never be Christian Grey. =)) Ian Somerhalder is purrrrfect! ♡

    • Makeela

      I guess you have a thing against gay people maybe, start watching white collar, then tell me who should be Christian grey, Matt bomer is 100 times more attractive and dominant looking then this Ian somerhalder Teenie bopper

      • Flo Hill

        totally agree

      • Leila Oshima

        I don´t know why….but i really don´t like Ian. His eyes……demoniac eyes….. CG isn´t demoniac….

        • Flo Hill

          same here i dont like his smile evil!

        • amberrrr

          On the back of the book, it always mentions demons of a tormented past. so i suppose that throughout the book, christian grey has ‘demoniac eyes’ through those times when he’s angry at Ana, or just angry in general. Therefore, in my opinion, I consider IAN SOMERHALDER for the part of christian grey. I mean. His features goes with what is written in the story. #ChristIAN for life. <3

          • La Conchu Dita

            Demonds of a tormented past doesn’t means demons eyes.
            Matt has the capacity to show an anger face, with a take breath away stare that can express itself the way he’s feeling.
            There’s no need of demons eyes,
            Because, otherwise, tell me how it’s gonna Ian do when Chrisitan is crying over Ana?
            I don’t think his naturally demonic eyes would allow the right look for it. Or any other situation where his eyes don’t show anger….

        • Claudia Ferrer

          Christian Grey isn´t gay neither…

          • La Conchu Dita

            Christian Grey isn’t real neither. Duh!

        • Liz Young

          Those Ian eyes live me breathless.

      • kay18

        I watched White collar to see what all the fuss is about and to me its just another cop show. Yes he is hot but he is gay and the book is very sexual and seeing a gay man with a woman (actor or not) just isnt appealing. And I have many gay friends, nothing against them.

        • La Conchu Dita

          Then you don’t have any capacity to judge at all.

  • Clare Hopkins

    Steve Armell from Arrow needs to be on the list as he would be perfect for the role.

    • dulchi atsa

      well that’s what i thought from the first moment!!! ;)) Actually I have his face in front of my eye’s when she discribes him. And his little sister Thea as Grey’s little sister Mia lol ;))

    • Cindy Livingston

      Agree 1000% Just watch him do the salmon ladder with his shirt off, lol

  • Ian4CG

    Ian’s #’s have gone up, up, up; ever since his b-day! Seems if majority of fans opinion mattered, Ian will be on the big screen as Mr. Grey! ;)

  • Charmaine Venter

    please vote for Matt . Ian has a creepy smile it would ruin it all

    • Beth Mode

      I agree!!! Ian seems creepy to me!!!

    • Jesse:3

      Ian is the best, so shut up the fucking mouth. Matt is sexy, but Ian is better than him. There only a CG and is gonna be Ian. <3

  • Kassandra Marti

    Matt Bomer <3 !!

  • Tracey Anstey

    um if ur doing top 4 fan favourites then u need to take out alexander as he is not a favourite and put Jessie Palvalka on the top of this list as he has won majority of the fan polls.
    Jessie Palvalka is cg he is only 1 who fits role perfectly

  • Dena

    Jesse Palveka for CG!!!!

  • Taylor Campisi

    Ian has the whole Grey package, Matt is more of an Elliott

  • Maja Maja Maja Maja

    ian somerhalder is christian grey….. <3

    • Alex

      oh no !!

    • Alex

      he seems to young

      • kemp

        grey is SUPPOSED to be young. -.-

  • Tiffany

    I adore Matt Bomer but imagine it might be tough for him to be THAT explicit. I noticed his scenes were the mildest in Magic Mike. But visually he basically IS him.

    I thought of someone new. Do you guys know Gabriel Macht? He plays Harvey Specter on Suits. If you have only seen previews of the show he’ snot as interesting, but he’s incredibly powerful and incredibly nuanced. He IS CG at the moment. But doesn’t LOOK really like him. He’s HOT, but no blue or gray eyes.

  • Tiffany

    Skaarsgard, on the other hand, is a hornball, and a hot one at that, so I have NO PROBLEM seeing him play the role!

  • JennM

    For me it can ONLY be Henry Cavill!

  • Carol Nipperess

    matt bomer all the way always <3

  • Diane Gallagher

    Need to add Stephen Amell…..WOW…I do Love Matt Bomer, but I think Stephen has it ALL including the right coloring and smoldering looks. STEHEN AMELL HAS MY VOTE!!! Newcomer and can do it!

  • Aleta Williams

    I have read the series four times, each time attempting to paint a picture of Christian that will translate well into all his “mercurial” dimensions. His physical likeness must be unexpected and absolutely gorgeous. Concurrently, he must have the body of a guy that works out 5 days a week with an Olympic contender, not a treadmill. HENRY CAVILL sooooo has the face and the body that I have imagined in my stolen moments curled up with these books. Matt is beyond handsome, but HENRY CAVILL is finnnne and has the correct level of brut.

  • Genevieve Soma-Seymour

    Hello Fifty Shades,
    I don’t know about anyone else….but I cannot see the results of the voting. Can that be fixed somehow, so we can see how much Matt Bomer is winning by……It would be nice for the author to take a look to see who has the most votes and most fans. It may have an impact on how well the movie does at the box office.

    • fiftyshades

      It should be fixed now. Sorry for that :)

      • Donna Serrano

        still not working

  • Cassandra G

    I demand Alexandra Daddario as Ana and Ian Somerhalder as Christian!! PLEASE!! i beg of you… that would make me very happy :)

  • Eva Jv

    matt bomer!!

  • Ana

    Ian is as hot as hell. Henry is so masculine , absolutely gorgeous man. _My two Christian Grey

  • DAS

    Ian is Christian Grey! Initially, I was for Matt Bomer. He is very handsome, but Ian is oozing sexy hot. He will make the movie a hit.

    • BRANDI


  • Barbara

    Matt Bomer pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • AC

    Lucas Bryant who plays Nathan on Haven on SyFy….he is perfect!!

  • donnacali

    While Matt is a handsome guy, I just can’t see him playing a hetero in this kinky and very sexual part with a female…..and over and over.

    Who knows….maybe it would turn him LOL!

    Ian, where did he come from? I gotta watch more TV!!!
    He is my first pick.

    Maybe Ryan…..

    But, anyone but Pattinson….yuck

    • La Conchu Dita

      If you couldn’t see Matt on a sexy situation with a female, watch White Collar series & that will take your doubt away.
      Matt is perfect.
      Personal life doesn’t control his capacity to act.
      Someone who does the part of a killer needs to be a real killer?
      Come on people, stop the homophobic sh*t!

      • La Conchu Dita

        Though I agre with you about NO PATTINSON,
        He has nothing to do here.
        & how to forget the vampire? AGH NOT AT ALL.

  • Sally richards

    Ian is the man for the job , I said this when reading the book even before the mention of a movie was had been made

  • Genevieve Soma-Seymour

    I am a fan of Matt Bomers. I have two fan pages for him at Facebook. One is called Matt Bomer AKA Christian Grey the other is Sister page to Matt Bomer AKA Christian Grey. When I started watching White Collar I fell “IN LOVE” with Matt Bomer”….Matt is a con man taken out of Jail to help the FBI locate other con men as he is the best of them all. . Matt did a wonderful job acting as a con/FBI agent. Playing both characters shows how talented and versital his acting is, In addition Matt played a character named Neal Caffrey. Neal loves women and has relationships with several of them. I would never have gussed his sexual orientation had he not “come out”

    Matt is gorgeous. He has beautiful skin, beautiful copper brown thick hair, a great body.Matt has a kind and friendly and Ian has a bit of an “EVIL” look. Matt is a wonderful actor that can play any role put before him. I know thousands of facebook friends that “LOVE MATT” and want him to play Christian Grey, “I LOVE MATT AND THINK HE WOULD BE THE BEST CHRISTIAN GREY OF ALL.


      I really want Matt Bomer to Play Christian Grey in Ffifty shades……but it appears that Matt doesn’t want to play the role due to his sexual orientation, it may be difficult for him to play a sex fiend with many women. If that is the case then I think the Author’s original choice of Ryan Gossling would be perfect. He is gorfgeous, young, has beutiful eyes , body and would fit right in

    • Antonella Fiorentino

      HE IS PERFECT!!!!!!

  • Amarithia

    Matt Bomer obviously! Love him! I don’t care if he’s gay, HE IS CHRISTIAN GREY! (even in the last episode of White Collar they named him W. Grey) that means something, don’t you think?

    • Matt4CG

      Soooooo agree!!!! ^_^

  • Matt4CG

    Matt! Mat!! Matt!!! Pretty please! He just has it all!
    “He really is very, very good-looking. It’s unnerving.”
    “He’s tall, dressed in a fine gray suit, white shirt, and black tie with unruly dark copper-colored hair”
    “His voice is warm, possibly amused, but it’s difficult to tell from his impassive expression. He looks mildly interested but above all, polite.”
    “He smiles, revealing perfect white teeth. I stop breathing. He really is beautiful. No one should be this good-looking.”

    And more! But everything just screams Matt!!!! <3

    • Antonella Fiorentino


    • Wendy J Olah

      Not to mention in a lot of photos, the way he runs his fingers through his hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • balegal1978

      no a thousand times no

  • Jolene44

    Ian Somerhalder or Matt Bomer would work for me.

  • Donna Serrano

    can’t see #s

  • Donna Serrano

    Please don’t make it Christian gay!

    While Matt is a handsome guy, Christian is not a gay character.

    That could be another movie he could do.

    I think most women would want it to be more believable.
    Ian is the best choice. Ryan is ok but too old.

  • Pauline Roberts

    Samuel Witwer would be a great CG.

  • Guest

    Matt would be my first choice, Ian a distant last. I’d take a gay guy over someone that looks like the Grinch anyday. Ian es no bueno.

  • Guest

    Matt would be my first choice, Henry my second, Ian a very distant last. I’d take a gay guy
    over someone that looks like the Grinch anyday. Ian es no bueno.

  • Mad Mim Merlini

    Matt would be my first choice, Henry my second, Ian a very distant last. I’d take a gay guy over someone who looks like the Grinch any day. After all, Matt is an actor and I have an imagination. Ian, on the other hand, always looks like that. >:~( Yikes.

  • Büşra Özmen

    matt bomer bom bom bom !

  • Shelley BomerBabe Webber

    Oh yawn yawn, same old shit, matt cant be cg cos hes gay, its getting boring now! Its called acting, gay people play straight people-straight people play gay people, its called acting-oh theres that word again!! ACTING if a person is a great actor then why cant they be considered for the part??? Its 2013 now grow up!

    • Flo Hill

      EXATLY you dont see gay people moaning when a straight actor play a gay character like on white collar the female FBI is gay and the actress is straight!!!

  • evamar

    Matt bomer is perfect for CHRISTIAN grey, the only one

    • evamar

      Matt bomer is CHRISTIAN grey

      • Giusy

        perfect C.G

      • Antonella Fiorentino


      • Taylor Campisi

        I see him as Elliot

    • Marie

      Way to feminine. As is Ian but Matt is worse. And both of their acting is terrible.

  • Details

    Ian is too short. Christian should be at least six feet tall. Ian is only 5’10″.

  • Makeela

    Matt bomer is the Christian grey package, so what if he is gay,he is a fantastic actor, Ian somerhalder isn’t Christian grey material , he has this baby face as where Matt has the dominant look

    • Alex

      Yes that’s true !!

    • mariaab15

      yes he is perfect!! <3

      • MattBomersWife

        PERFECT!! *-*

        • mariaab15

          noooo!!!! he is mine!!!! he will always be mine okay N!!!

          • MattBomersWife

            if he was yours than you would have put that first._.

          • mariaab15

            I have the B for HHIIISSSS last name!!!!!!

          • MattBomersWife

            no that stands for somthing else………..

          • mariaab15

            what does that stand for then?????

          • MattBomersWife

            lol you know….now haha alright M!!

          • BomerBabe

            HAHA! LOL. I see what you did ther. :p

          • Claudia Ferrer

            Matt belongs to his husband… LOL

          • Maria Aguirre

            That too…lol :)

          • La Conchu Dita

            homophobic everywhere,
            that doesn’t define how good he plays with girls at work.
            What about that, discriminative?

            He rocks it acting,

          • Marie

            He himself does not like acting with women, cannot stand being around them, this is from him. He would be awful given how unrealistic he would be just by watching his performance on that crap show he is on. He would be completely unbelievable. The audience should not have to sit there and pretend that the guy up on the screen sexing up the chick, is not instead thinking about dick. Besides his acting sucks.

          • Elvira

            Hahahahah please, if that’s true then where’s the proof? Please, link whatever site or clip you’ve got this childish argument from. In “that crap show” (Also known as White Collar – if you’re too stupid to put those two little words in your little head) you can see how he’s convincingly straight. Not to mention in Magic Mike where he’s one of the strippers and look quite happy as he’s grinding his junk against several women. I don’t know if you have to look up the word ACTOR in a dictionary… I can clarify one thing for you right here – HE’S NOT PLAYING HIMSELF! Oh, did that come as a chock for you? Please… grow up och grow into our modern society…

        • balegal1978

          he is old and gay…NO

    • Annie Swaggy

      definitely Bomer It’s Christian Grey

      • balegal1978


    • Carmen


    • sunay

      is he a gay?oh my God it would be difficult for him to act this role then

      • tthompson

        playing roles like this im sure he’s use to thats what makes him an actor

      • PBaar

        Do you think that Neil Patrick Harris isn’t convincing as Barney Stinson? Until Season 3 I didn’t have a clue that he is gay. So I think that Matt’s orientation isn’t such a problem .

        • sunay

          yeah i also think so.

        • balegal1978

          yes it is a problem…artistic pretense has limits

          • Susanna Angela Sakri

            gay basher

          • Marie

            So if someone does not want a gay trying to portray this role, they are a basher??? get over yourself, please.

          • Susanna Angela Sakri

            you get over yourself marie!!!!!!!!… no one’s talking to you… balegal1978′s been posting anti-gay comments all over this web.. maybe you’re not bashing but she definitely is!! :X …and that is not cool!

        • Marie

          Completely different role, comedy is a given. Not this kind of role. Get real please.

      • sunay

        it is a pity that more handsome men belong to men not women.what we’ll do in this case?

      • balegal1978

        He would be a disaster playing CG.
        Casting a gay actor for CG is a suicide!

      • Marie

        Convingingly at least. When we all know what it is that he would be thinking about, and how he cannot stand to be near women, his own words.

    • samantha

      yeaaah I also want Matt Bomer! He is THE Christian Grey, He IS Christian Grey. When yo look at Matt Bomer, you can’t speak and you have butterflies in your tummy. And all the woman who see Christian Grey have this.

    • Tanya

      I agree with you!

    • Stephanie Lomelí

      I’m agree, Matt Bomer is the only one who i can imagine like Mr. Christian Grey, almost everyone thing the same! Please Matt Bomer is the best to play Grey.

      • balegal1978

        Matt Bomer never will be CG

    • Guri

      yes..Boomer is the man

      • balegal1978

        your ass

        • Gg

          why?…you don’t have one..:P

    • balegal1978

      no fucking way

    • Marie

      Nothing dom looking about matt, nothing. He is the fem in his relationship and it shows.

  • Makeela

    Lets go MATT BOMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • balegal1978


  • Makeela

    Matt bomber is the only Christian grey

  • Susanna Angela Sakri

    MATT BOMER HAS IT ALL I’m sorry.. despite his personal orientation.. which HAS NOTHING ABSOLUTELLYY to do with ACTING PROFESSION!!!! BODACEOUS BRAINY BRILLIANT BADBOY CEO with Charisma = BOMER!!!!!!!

    • Antonella Fiorentino


    • Amanda Webster Vincent

      Even WITH his personal orientation, he’s still perfect for the role! They even describe that the family and public were assuming he was homosexual bc he was so perfect, beautiful, meticulous, arousing, sexy.. (I may have added a few of my own). But I completely agree with you, Susanna.. He’s professional and PERFECT.

    • balegal1978

      I would commite suicide is they cast him

      • Susanna Angela Sakri

        who cares!

  • Lotus Upsy Daisy


  • Silvia

    I just wanted to point out that the cover photo of the pool belongs to a certain Matt Bomer…… one else can be Christian, NO ONE!

  • Maria Fernanda Campos

    Matt Bomer or Ian Somerhalder always!

  • Javiera de la Cruz


  • Makeela

    Matt bOmer is mr grey

  • antonella

    matt is the only CRISTIAN GREY!!!!!!!! IN ITALy so!!!!!!!!

  • Lenette Correia

    Matt is the face & body of christian Grey, he is exactly how the books describe him. No offence to Ian but he looks too shifty & sneaky,(I really could see him playing a great Gideon Cross though). May the best man win the role but I really, really hope that it’s Matt!

    • Rikke


    • Carolina Tajes

      Oh, no, please, not Gideon!!! I love Mr. Cross and I really don’t see Ian playing him, lol! As far as Mr. Grey… well, there is only one and that is Matty! ;)

  • Gina Pileggi

    Matt is the only Christian Grey!!!!!!!!

  • laura

    Matt Bomer is exactly how i imagined christian grey!!!!!!

    • Alex

      yes me too !!!

  • Makeela Colombe Skinner

    Matt bomer is mr grey, he has the whole package!!!!! Just to be fair, fine he is openly gay, who are we tojudge, he is an amazing actor , there are several actress/actors who are open about their sexuality, no one should be judged because of it, he fit Christian grey right to the “t”………….everything about him says mr grey!!!! Look how great he is on white collar, amazing and obviously whatever his sexual preference he doesn’t seem to have a problem kissing the ladies on white collar. Let Ian play his little vampire roles like he has been doing,mr grey isn’t suppose to look anything like Ian , Matt bomer is mr grey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lucy

    per me è MATT BOMER!!!

  • Flo Hill

    matt is perfect for christian grey !!!!

  • Crazy matty fan

    Matt Bomer is the one and only CG!!!!

  • Lucie Bejšáková

    Matt Bomer is absolutely perfect Christian Grey! He is so sexy and elegant! <3

  • Lotus Upsy Daisy

    Matt Bomer Pleaseeeee…..

  • mermer


  • vargas

    Gotta go with Jensen Ackles and Zooey Deschanel . Check out Jensen Ackles – fits Christian Grey perfectly! Zooey is the perfect Ana.

  • nat

    I think Kalon McMahon would be perfect for C.G.

  • Flo Hill

    Matt Bomer IS CG come on girls keep votingxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Flo Hill

    Matt bomer IS the only Christian Grey keep voting girls!!!!!!

  • disqus_hA1yejs0fv

    matt bomer amaizing <3

  • Milena

    MATT BOMER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christy

    I think Matt Bomer or Henry Cavill are the best for playing Christian Grey :))

  • Genevieve Soma-Seymour

    Not sure of his name but what about the Golden Boy…… TV program on tuesdays on CBS………he’s a real handsome guy, but has broen eyes….contacts???………….he is gorgeous…….

    • Genevieve Soma-Seymour


  • Flo Hill

    Matt Bomer all the way keep voting girls!

  • whitney devlin


  • Karina Mendoza

    Matt Bomer… He is the one. What if he’s gay in ‘real life’?, this would be a movie, and he is a great actor. I don’t care if he’s gay. When I saw him for the first time I was impressed. And not just because of the way he looks, but also because of the way he moves, speaks. Have you heard his voice?!. That’s Christian to me.

  • Melanie Blagden

    matt bomer or nigel Harman are my favourits xxxxxx

  • debi fifty shades

    matt *is* Christian, the oys gorgeous but!!!! Matt is christian it all done not need to vote Matt IS CG cum on people!!

  • debi fifty shades

    Matt *is* Christian, the other guys are gorgeous but!!!! Matt is Christian its all done no need to vote Matt IS CG cum on people!!

  • blumme

    Matt Bomer <3

  • wellread

    I think Christian Grey needs to be played by someone way hotter than Ryan Gosling. I have read the books 6 times and a woman has her own ideas of what this man looks like its really to bad none of us have a real Christian in our beds

  • Susan Heaney

    If the movie is to be a success it has to be Matt Bomer. He has all the qualities needed to play the part of Christian Grey

  • teamchristIAN.

    If it’s up between Ian Somerhalder and Matt Bomer, they should make them both brothers for the movie. One could be Christian Grey, the other could be Elliot.

  • Tracey Butler

    definately matt bomer as christian bomer, alexis bledel as ana, sharon stone would make an ideal mrs robinson.

    • La Conchu Dita

      “Matt Bomer as Christian Bomer” that says it all =)

  • Helena

    Matt Bomer. He’s the only one in this run with the perfect eyes, the exact eye and facial expressions described in the books. He also has the perfect hair and body. And the shy smile :)

    • La Conchu Dita

      THE shy smile & that soft side of his personality that Ian will never ever get not even close with that eyes and face.

  • Lucy

    Matt Bomer I live in czech republic and he is the real.!

  • kitty

    Ian Somerhalder, the mystery guy with a stare that could make a girl go naked. :)

  • Flo Hill

    apparantly Matt Bomer has slipped from n1 to n2 on some polls to be CG keep voting girls pass it on

  • Flo Hill

    Henry Cavill is lovely but no CG sorry!!!!

  • Judy

    Henry Cavill is the only one Christian!!

  • jess

    Matt Bomer …PLEASE

  • Flo Hill

    Matt is n2 on the polls keep voting girls!

  • Flo Hill

    Keep voting Matt Bomer girls we CAN do it!!

  • Paola

    Matt bomer pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee! He’s so perfect for the role!!

  • Shananders


  • Rebecca

    Let’s face ot people, practically none of the guys everyone is choosing to be chrsitian grey are way too old!!!! Have none of you read the book? I mean you can’t choose a guy that looks like he’s 35 (Alexander Skarsgard). I’m not saying these guys aren’t gorgeous, but they aren’t Christian Grey. Ryan Gosling is NOT Christian Grey and Robert Pattison isn’t even close to being Christian Grey. Let’s pick realistic people. If any of the people are qualified, it’s probably Chris Hemsworth, he’s got the body and the acting down, not sure if he’s got the hair or the voice, but if he’s Austrailian and sounds American in most of his movies, I’m sure he could work something out. Also, he’s 28! Let’s stop picking older men, PLEASE!!! And let’s start talking about girls who would act naked in a movie, I mean do we really think Alexis Bledel is going to run around naked everywhere? I don’t think so. I suggest you all re-read the book and really start thinking about who could play these people. I’m sick of seeing men in their mid 30′s thinking they could play a 27 year old when they have wrinkles under their eyes. I hope the casting people for the movie are looking into stuff like that, I hope E.L. James picks people that she described in her book, not just men who are sexy and famous. That is all, I think…

  • Dutch

    Arie Luyendyk Jr. 6’2″ Black Hair, Grey eyes. Even his mug shot looks gorgeous. Deep, smooth voice. Cute smile. Look good with or without facial hair. Handsome with long hair, typical hair, shaved head. He is the ultimate Christian Grey walks out if the book. Neal Caffrey is mischievous looking, 5’10″ tall and another John Mayer’s cast nominee. Ian somerhalder, Paul Walker, Cam Gigandet have eyes too blue and toxic smiles. Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine, Christian Bale aren’t looking like Christian Grey and shouldn’t get the role just because of their names. Chris Evans is a bit pale and his looks don’t really catch my eyes in Captain America and Fantastic 4, only in What’s Your Number. David Gandy doesn’t look great without mustache and is too damn old. Jakes Pavelka’s cousin Jessie looks like a hot blonde surfer jock boy. Gorgeous but not cut out. ONE AND ONLY ARIE LUYENDYK JR FOR CHRISTIAN GREY!

  • Dutch

    Arie Luyendyk Jr. 6’2″ Black Hair, Grey eyes. Even his mug shot looks gorgeous. Deep, smooth voice. Cute smile. Look good with or without facial hair. Handsome with long hair, typical hair, shaved head. He is the ultimate Christian Grey walks out of the book. Neal Caffrey is mischievous looking, 5’10″ tall and another John Mayer’s cast nominee. Ian somerhalder, Paul Walker, Cam Gigandet have eyes too blue and toxic smiles. Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine, Christian Bale aren’t looking like Christian Grey and shouldn’t get the role just because of their names. Chris Evans is a bit pale and his looks don’t really catch my eyes in Captain America and Fantastic 4, only in What’s Your Number. David Gandy doesn’t look great without mustache and is too damn old. Jakes Pavelka’s cousin Jessie looks like a hot blonde surfer jock boy. Gorgeous but not cut out. ONE AND ONLY ARIE LUYENDYK JR FOR CHRISTIAN GREY!

  • Dutch

    If Christian Grey could walk out of the book, he would look like Arie Luyendyk Jr. Not John Mayer or roguish dorks.

  • Alexandra H Naim

    Matt Bomer is the best for Christian Grey.

  • Jessica

    Matt bomer is so hot.. I like him better for Christian..

  • Megan

    Matt Bomer is Christian Grey! Matt has got the whole package and will be perfect! To me if he isn’t Christian Grey then they have ruined the movie. Matt Bomer all the way!!!

  • Karina Mendoza

    Yay! GO Bomer!! We are all united, it’s going to be MATT or MATT otherwise – I’m sure- many of us wouldn’t even be interested on watching the movie with another actor. He is THE ONE: PLEASE LISTEN TO us!!

  • Barbara


  • Megan

    MATT BOMER!!!!

  • Love

    Matt bomer,you must be Christian grey !
    God!Bless him!!! No one can be Christian grey except “Matt bomer”!!!

  • Angyal Tam

    there are some actors on the list that arent manly enough for the role I think. The few actros that can be good for the role is Ian Somerhalder, Hanry Cavill, and my favorite is Ryan Reynold hes not on the list. When I started to read the book, I imagined that r reynolds is christian that would be super awesome if he would play the role :)))))) and ana would be ksenia solo. that how I imagine the caractors.

  • Lucie

    only Matt !!!

  • Amy Rowe

    Henry Cavill, he has the perfect gray eyes. Is that not perfect for him to be Christian Grey? Yes, Matt Bomer would be a great choice, but Henry Cavill would be a better choice!

  • Paola

    142300:))))))) how many times can we vote?

  • Cathy Daugherty Rice

    Ian is the perfect match by far, he’s so hot and just so mind compelling he is amazing and I’m sure he will make the movie such a pleasure to watch!

  • Alexandra H Naim

    Matt Bomer is the perfect Christian Grey

  • Sara Acal

    Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt sin duda el mejor,la perfección…como si le hubiesen sacado del mismisimo libro… simplemente PERFECTO!

  • Gisely

    Matt Bomer is Christian Grey

  • Flo Hill

    hes in the lead keep voting girls!

  • Kary

    Ryan Gosling is naturally sexy and seductive, just like Christian Grey! It won’t be hard at all for him to portrait Grey!.. Ryan Gosling… PLEASE!!!!

  • Alexandra H Naim

    Matt Bomer is the perfect Christian Grey ..

  • Camy

    Ian Somerhalder is the best choice for Fifty Shades of Grey’s Christian Grey, no contest!

  • OneDirectionFan


  • Darlene Michial Walquist

    matt bomer is my coice!


    Alexander Skarsgard is PERFECT!! His character on True Blood, Eric Northman, Is so much like Mr. Dominant Christian Grey. ;)

  • Carol Nipperess

    Matt Bomer is the one and only Christian Grey :* <3

  • Becca

    Matt Bomer is the perfect Christian Grey. He’s a great actor and plays a straight character Neal Caffrey on White Collar and women swoon for him. He did several love scenes with female characters and they are beautiful. Matt’s sexual orientation is no one’s business but his… I’m sure Matt is capable of pulling command performance as an attractive billionaire, control freak, domineering and lovable Christian Grey. Just as there were numerous actors playing love interest and who turned out to be gay like Rock Hudson, Richard Chamberlain, Robert Reed (in Brady Bunch), to name a few.

  • Nora

    I only see the film if Mr Grey is Matt Bomer!! He is The One!!! And only Matt Bommer have the look in the eyes that is described on the book :)

  • Giusy

    MATT fo ever!!!! <3

  • cleo5899

    It doesn’t matter that he is gay……He’s a great actor and can act as a lover very easily…….better than those who are straight,
    I think Ian is evil looking …..that why he is good as a vampire………Matt can do better than anyone

  • cleo5899

    Please consider choosing Matt Bomer…….if he never came out there would be no question…..take a look at how many votes he has………he will make the best Christian Grey of anyone………Please choose him.


    Matt bomer all the way ❤❤❤❤

  • Patricia Maria

    Bomerbabes of the world, unite!

  • Dawn Ferris Bauer

    Matt Bomer is the ONLY Christian Grey, he is pure perfection!!

  • Antonella Fiorentino


  • Antonella Fiorentino


  • Antonella Fiorentino


  • Kylie

    What!! Matt Bomer is no Christian! Matt is too short, too old, too pretty and ordinary looking! Christian is masculine, tall, intense, and intimidating to both men and woman! WTF! It will be an uknown cast, just as they do for the Twilight series, you’ll see!!

  • joeyd

    Chris Hemsworth is the most versatile actor (Alex Skaarsgard a close second) and those eyes? However, here is a more poignant thought…who cares anymore?! E.L. James needs to get over herself…her books, though provocative and sexy, were poorly written. When i finished them all (over a year ago) I was all about it and pumped-the guilty pleasure…but newsflash: many other great (well-written) books have come along since…summer 2014? Get real…I am over it!

  • Shelley BomerBabe Webber

    Matt and alexis my edit of my perfect pair x

  • Dila Grey

    Not Grey enough??? the votes speaks out loud!

  • chardonnay cuvee

    MATT is soooo perfect in every way hes an AWESOME ACTOR and I know he can pull off being Mr Grey..YUMM..Iwont want to watch the movie if its someone you Matt..

  • Matt Bomer for CG

    Matt Bomer is the only Christian Grey….we want Matt for CG

  • joanne schuhmann

    Matt bomer is the perfect christian grey. He is gorgous and soooo sexy. If he is not cast in the role it will be a huge mistake.

  • Kristina Karlsen

    Matt Bomer

  • PatriceScheiner

    Ian Somerhalder IS Christian Grey! When you read E.L. James’ description of how he looks, and especially all of Christian’s different smiles, it is as if she were looking at Ian when she wrote. He can be sweet, angry, vulnerable, charming, put together and broken, with just a slight change in expression. Not to mention his physicality. Ian Somerhalder deserves to be cast in this role.

  • PatriceScheiner

    Ian Somerhalder IS Christian Grey! When you read E.L. James’ description of how he looks, and especially all of Christian’s different smiles, it is as if she were looking at Ian when she wrote. He can be sweet, angry, vulnerable, charming, totally put together or tragically broken, with just a slight change in expression. Not to mention his physicality. Ian Somerhalder deserves to be cast in this role. And holy cow, what a fine happy trail…..

    • Florencia Pretzel

      Ian Somerhalder perfect for Christian grey!!Ian Somerhalder perfect for Christian grey!!

  • Masmaris Aemilius

    Matt bomer of course

  • Grazia

    I truly hope the people involved in this decision on casting the perfect Mr.Grey seriously take a look at Matt Bomer. Please watch White Collar and not just one episode. The range of Matt acting ability from Sexy, playful, intense and sorrow is just what the role needs. He looks the part! He wears a suit look no other and even better when he takes it off!!!!!! His smile makes you melt! He is your Christian Grey! Please consider Matt Bomer for this role. Most of us already do!!!!!

    • La Conchu Dita

      You’re genious!!

  • Bonny Liu

    If does not consider the age, nobody suits this role compared to Christian Bale!

  • Reevelyn Grey

    Matt Bomer is the only Christian Grey. He is just perfect for the role!

  • Michelle Stewart Wildey

    Matt Bomer is CG. No one else comes close
    He is PERFECT. His looks, his stance, his sophistication and charm, oh, and that….stare.

  • Alexandria Osborne

    matt bomer… all the way

  • Mrs. Steele

    Matt Bomer IS Christian Grey!

  • Brandie

    Matt Bomer. After reading the books and then browsing the web for potential male rolls as Christian Grey. Bomer was the only one who stuck, with dress, physical features and all his adorable smirks! Bomer all the way!

  • Melissa

    Matt Bomer is stunning, classy, enigmatic, and a total charmer on and off screen. He is well-read, elegant, and can play tortured very well. A perfect CG.

  • Dominique

    Ian Somerhalder is like 5’8… waaaaaaaay too small to be Christian Grey!

  • TerraNeon

    Christian grey is matt bomer, it’s basically his autobiography.

  • JROC

    I don’t want to hear anything about any man over 30. This is is not about an older man, it is about a young man and a young woman. I do not want to watch a gay man act like he is straight because I will not be turned on watching him try to act like he really is getting off by a woman…not going to happen! I do not want to see actors who have already made their way in Hollywood…sorry but I do not want to be reminded of vampires, werewolves or hopeless romantics. I want to see Christian and all these woman voting for all these older, already established men is just unrealistic.

  • Rebekah

    Ian Somerhalder should be Christian! And if not, Matt Bomer. But seriusly it world be the perfect Christian if one of these two play the role!

  • Susanna Angela Sakri


  • Blair

    I really think Matt Bomer is the best and only one choice to act Christian grey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Natália Pereira

    Matt Bomer is the perfect Christian Grey. Irresistível, sexy, sombrio. Eu não consigo ver outro ator interpretando Christian, e enquanto eu lia o livro era ele que eu vislumbrava como sendo o protagosnista. Por Favor, Matt Bomer como Christian Grey!!!

  • Natália Pereira

    Matt Bomer is the perfect Christian Grey. Irresistível, sexy, sombrio. Eu não consigo ver outro ator interpretando Christian, e enquanto eu lia o livro era ele que eu vislumbrava como sendo o protagonista. Por Favor, Matt Bomer como Christian Grey!!!

  • Grey Fan!

    Matt Bomber!!! Woot Woot!

  • Name

    E.L.James, what more do you need to hear? The ladies have spoken and we want Matt. He is the epitomy of Christian Grey. If you want a hit movie you have to choose the right actors. Matt Bomer!!! Nuff said.

  • EvelyneHenot

    If it can’t be Robert Pattinson, My Christian Grey is Henry Cavill ! He is handsome, powerful, he has THE gray eyes, The sexyness, The smile, The body to be Grey.

  • CarolMF

    MATT BOMER AND ALEXIS BLEDEL!!! They are perfect for the roles!!

  • PatriciaAnne

    Matt Bomer is the whole package. He has the looks and the body, he is charming, sexy, funny, cool, he can sing and dance. It’s as if he’s jumped right out of the book. Who cares if he’s gay, really. Matt Bomer just screams sex. Why would they even consider anyone else. It has to be him.

    • La Conchu Dita

      God, look at him, his CG!!!

  • stephanie

    just because he is THE ONE AND ONLY

  • Donna

    Henry Cavill is my CG, he is perfect for this role. he is the right age. has the right colour eyes and hair. i still thin his Dunhill ads were used as the muse for this charactor. he is the original muse. just cast him already

  • Karina

    Ian is perfect!!!!!!!!!

  • Annabelle

    If I had to choose between Matt and Ian it would be Matt…Ian is not dominating enough. But better than either of these guys for me is Gabriel Macht from Suits. He’s hot, dominating and perfect for the role!

  • Tamara

    Ian Somerhalder the Perfect Christian Grey

    • IanSomerhalder_IsChristianGrey

      YES! He is, he oozes Christian Grey and I see HIS face every time I read the books.

    • Florencia Pretzel

      Ian Somerhalder perfect for Christian grey!! Ian Somerhalder perfect for Christian grey!! Ian Somerhalder perfect for Christian grey!! Ian Somerhalder perfect for Christian grey!!

  • Anca

    Totally Matt Boomer!! I hope the producers are not that stupid to not choose him. He is just perfect for the role…

  • Ldche


  • mercy13

    Matt Bomer is the perfect man for the part… If only Gosling fit the description because yes, he is sex on legs.



  • IanSomerhalder_IsChristianGrey

    Ian can be dominating, I mean that’s what acting coaches are for. He definitely has the right look. Ian’s facial expressions match Christian’s to a “T” I cannot see anyone else playing the role tbh.

  • Beth Mode

    Matt Bomer is the perfect Christian Grey!! I picture him when I read the book.. He has the acting ability.. He is incredibly gorgeous.. Lets not forget how handsome he looks in a suit.. Him being gay has absolutely nothing to do with acting! He deserves the role!!! :)

  • Vera Cristiana Trinidad Onza

    IAN SOMERHALDER please. :)



    • Florencia Pretzel

      Ian Somerhalder perfect for Christian grey!!Ian Somerhalder perfect for Christian grey!!Ian Somerhalder perfect for Christian grey!!Ian Somerhalder perfect for Christian grey!!

  • Taylor Campisi



    Matt Bomer is Kickin ass in this poll!! Matt all the way! Come on E.L. James give us ladies what we want.!!!!!

  • lauri ropchock

    I agree with the person who said get gorgeous man and teach him to act. that’s y its totally beckham!! look at his hot ads. look at his searing eyes and besides he’s free now lol!!!!! he has honestly been touted as the most beautiful man in the world by many people. I know some disagree, but more have said this about him than any others and he has the worldwide status to pull it off. this could lift the film to worldwide profits
    because of who he is. all positives and reasons to pick becks. jmo

  • Ana

    iann of courseee!!!

  • Sumedha Singh

    I Think Ian is best for christian grey….coz wen i read the book the only person i could imagine as grey was IAN SOMERHALDER…..
    I know others are also good bt ian is best…. whether its his eye thing or sexy pout or a well toned body ,,, he has everything that is needed for this role n..not to forget He look great in formal as well as casual….
    I wish that the production house takes the right decision and the cast IAN as mr. grey :)

  • Camille

    IAN SOMERHALDER FOR CHRISTIAN GREY!!!! :) Unruly hair, chiseled jaw, gray eyes etc.y yeah well he might not be copper haired but what are hairdyes made for? Matt Bomer doesn’t have an unruly hair and smoldering look. Umm yeah. just saying. As when I was reading the trilogy, Ian Somerhalder and Alexis Bledel pops into my mind. They’re the perfect Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. :)

    • Kelly

      He is perfect. as well as alexis bledel for ana steele

    • Crystal Reagan

      I agree with you completely. They have exactly what the book describes. I would be very disappointed with anyone else.

  • Jelleah


  • nati

    MATT BOMER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SI NO ES EL , NO VERÉ LA PELÍCULA

  • ana steele


  • veronica

    Ian Somerholder is wrong for the part. Christian has bronze hair. Ian would not look good with lighter hair. Ian is too sinister. Charlie Hunnam has the bronze hair, the blue eyes and great lips. He has the boyish charm as well as the sinister side.

  • Carro

    Alexander skarsgård or ryan gosling!!!!!!!

  • Crystal Reagan

    Ian Somerhalder would make a wonderful Christian Grey! He can so do fifty shades, just look at pictures of him. I think that he’s a great actor and could really push the role to the intensity it needs to be. I agree that the other actors are great and would do a good job. However, this role needs to be done by someone who can push it to the limit. Another thing, I don’t mean to offend or anything, but Christian Grey makes it very clear in the book that he is not attracted to men. If the actor taking this role is gay that will affect the movie, maybe not in performance per say but in the audiences mind. It would really take away from the intimacy of Christian and Ana’s relationship. I’m sorry but I want to see a man that is attracted sexually to women, or it will affect my opinion of the movie. Honestly, I don’t think I want to see it if the main casting man is gay. It would be a turn off to me in the back of my mind the whole time.

  • Tanya

    Matt Bomer ALL the way. Doesn’t matter if he is gay, he is sexy as hell. I would have never know he was gay if it wasn’t for reading the description they gave above. Ryan Gosling is too known and on way to many movies, we want somebody new, somebody mysterious, like Matt!!

  • Marie

    Matt Bomer is the perfect Christian Grey !

  • Kera t.

    Chris Hemsworth should be Christian grey look at his face and body, enough said.

  • kayla g

    CHRIS HEMSWORTH hes got that mean hot sexy over the top look!!! i want him to be my christian grey !!!!!

  • Nasi

    Matt Bomer Is Mr Grey!!!! all others is just not even close!!!

  • Nasi

    Besides he is sexiest gay ever!!! and he will make this movie more than great!!! <3

  • Nasi

    Matt is perfect!!! he is Mr Grey!! plzzz plzzzz beg u!!!


    Has everyone forgot Cam Gigandet? I actually misspelled his name the 1st time apologies but have we forgot “you brought a snack!” or in Burlesque when he negotiated the “proposal” over the bedroom?? I can totally see him in a white shirt, grey suit, billionaire with a little “naughty room!’


      wups I forgot the roommate also!


    Cam Gigandet NEED I SAY MORE!!

  • Rikke

    Matt Bomer rally have the dominante face!! <3

  • Angie

    Matt Bomer is GAY, and no i’m not against them but thats a total turn-off, Christian Grey is all about the sex appeal and the manly look. I know that Matt is pretty HOT and looks like the descriptions of CG but honestly I believe Ian Somerhalder is the Christian Grey package since he is hot also looks like the description, his amusing smile and elegance make the perfect CG.

    P.s. What ever we say is not going to be taken into consideration since the writer and the director etc. are the ones to choose. Hopefully they pick the perfect CG!

    • La Conchu Dita

      Here, for you, sweetie.

  • Angie

    Matt Bomer is gay, and no i’m not against them but thats a total turn-off, Christian Grey is all about the sex appeal and the manly look. I know that Matt is pretty hot and looks like the descriptions of CG but honestly I believe Ian Somerhalder is the Christian Grey package since he is hot also looks like the description, his amusing smile and elegance make the perfect CG.

    P.s. What ever we say is not going to be taken into consideration since the writer and the director etc. are the ones to choose. Hopefully they pick the perfect CG!

  • Bee

    How about Paul Walker as Christian Grey.? He’s Grey material un my opinion

  • Ketyutza

    I did not knew that he was a candidate for playing christian grey’s role …but during i was reading the books…in my mind was matt bomer

  • Vicky

    matt bomer is perfect CG! Body, eyes, face, he looks sexy and dangerous. Ian somerhalder is only bad vampire in TVD :)

  • Neysha M Diaz


  • Meigi

    MATT! Gay or not … whatever… sexy as hell … gaze of CG, hair of CG, body of CG, smile… can´t you see that??? No other choice for me…

  • Queen

    How about chace crawford? He has everything to portray christian grey. Especially his hot husky voice!!!

  • Eazzyna Bečvářová

    Ian is the best Chritian Grey!!!!

    • Cole

      I only picture ian when i read the books.

  • Neysha M Diaz


  • miki

    Why didn’t the ask Jared Leto? He’ s awesome. I think he should be Christian. When he looks into eyes, you just forget to breathe…

  • Pau

    Matthew Bomer is perfect for play Christian Grey!! no one else!!

  • Jackie

    Matt Bomer!!!

  • Nadia

    Matt PLEASE! I could picture him in every facet…
    millionaire, sexy, controlling man, casual, honeymooner and happily married…

  • Madie

    MATT BOMER for Christian GREY!
    Look at his eyes and his tie! see? he’s perfect :3 haha

  • Alex

    I can’t imagine that would Ian say: Because I’m fifty shades of fucked up

  • nana

    Matt Bomer >/////<

  • idmv

    I vote MATT – he’s the only one with the perfect Christian Grey striking eyes and a playfullness that’s essential to the character!

  • angie30mx

    Matt Bomer is the only and perfect Christian Grey, I imagined him since I started to read the book.

  • Bellabonne

    Only two can play Grey and Steele; Matt Bomer and Alexis Bledel!!

  • Teri

    Matt Bomer For Christian Grey All The Way!!!! People judge him for being gay but to be honest what’s his personal life got to do with his acting career.

  • Erika

    Can’t imagine anyone else than Matt Bomer as Christian Grey and Alexis Bledel as Ana! They are perfect!

    • La Conchu Dita

      Absolutely perfect, individually & together <3

  • Irene S.

    I would have said Matt Bomer is perfect for this role BUT now I truly belive that Henry Cavill is way better!

  • Idalia562

    When I read the book on the parts when Christian comes out Matt comes in mind right away

    • La Conchu Dita

      Same happened to me! =)

  • Alex

    Yes for me the best actors who could play the role of christian grey are Matt Bomer and Henry Cavill, but I agree on no account with Ian Somerhalder’s choice, I find that he(it) has no face of a ripe(mature) man as two others could have, he(it) has a too childish face…

  • Guest

    For Christian Grey Matt Bomer and Henry Cavill are the most perfect <3

  • Alex

    Matt Bomer and Henry Cavill are the best actors to act the character of Christian Grey, please no Ian Somerhalder !!!

  • Veronica

    Henry Cavill-Watch Man of Steel and you will see why. Christian has a strong jaw, nice body physique, a beautiful site to see and that is Henry by far. He is the new face of Hollywood. Definitely should play Christian!

  • Marrisa

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers should have been there .

  • James

    Ian has it all. I’m sorry but he’s sexy, he can play the dominant sort of character that knows what he wants, plus he’s got this soft side that he can reveal for even half a second if he wishes. I won’t even watch the movie if Ian isn’t in it. Matt is excellent for Elliot’s character. IAN PLEASE.

  • Kevin


  • Jasella

    Ian. Matt is this tiny cop guy from white colar. Ian has acted in Lost and vampire diaries : shows in which he reveals an extremely vulnerable side as well as a tough sexy one. He is dominant. He is THE sex god. Isn’t this movie going to have a shit load of sex in it?

    • La Conchu Dita

      Matt has also had hot scenes with girls and did it perfectly on White Collar. He can be dominant, but vulnerable too.
      He can show happiness without evil looks on his eyes.
      He can make a sexy dance and leave you breathless, besides that his looks it’s absolutely Christian’s looks.
      He can do it all.
      Ian’s eyes & hair don’t.

  • Anna

    I like both Matt Bomer and Ian Somerhalder !!! would be great to watch a movie with one of them

  • ggmd

    I was all for Ian Somerhalder until I saw Matt Bomer. He is the epitomy of what i imaged Christian to look like. I could care less if he is gay in real life.
    I want someone who can bring Christian Grey to life. Matt Bomer is Christian Grey.

  • Tom

    TYLER HOECHLIN must be added to this pole…. He can totally play Christian grey……..

  • Lux


  • vanessa

    Jensen Ackles is the most suitable actor to portray Christian Grey, I think. He’s just so hot, and his voice is so sexy! I can totally imagine him as Christian Grey.

  • lena

    Jessie pavelka is a god when it comes to looking the part , he has grey eyes , no contacts will be needed , right body shape , he doesn’t need to work out as he works out anyways , he does charity events , he has right hair color , right height , around the same age as Christian in the book so he isn’t too old , he can fly a helicopter also. he is a life like Christian grey , alls they have to do is cover up his tattoo’s and they have a sexy as fuck mr grey who can do the dom gaze. if you haven’t checked him out I say go look he will melt you away

  • Conny Brabbs

    Ian is the one and only CG…And No he does not have a baby face,He has the CG face all 50 shades of it

  • Ileana

    You know, I really like Matt… but I read some things about him and he doesn’t look very interested. He is happy because his fans wants him in the movie, because he never think that his fans would do everything to have him in a movie…but if you ask me he doesn’t look very interested. :( So I want Ian sorry!

    By the way Matt don’t auditioned, Ian auditioned and Pettyfer additional to others

    • La Conchu Dita

      And James said Ian wasn’t the one, so what are you all fighting for?
      This should be backwards.
      Look Ian’s face. It’s the same face in every situation,
      Christian Grey has ups and downs and Ian is with that same look in his eyes.
      How can you even imagine Ian can interpret someone so temperamental?
      Think people, think!!!

  • Katherine Hooks

    the only Christian grey I see is Jessie pavelka , right eye color his eyes are already grey , he can pull off an epic dom gaze , his got a picture outside Christian’s apartment building in the book , he flys helicopters , he does charity events , his got the right body shape , he works out , his around the correct age , right hair color . his fucking hot and does a very nice mega watt smile , and he wants the part.

  • miyo


  • janedeeney

    jessie pavelka for fifty hes stunning beautiful he as the full package and hes an amazing actor

  • Hannah

    If they use Robert Pattison it will ruin the whole story for me! I do NOT find him attractive!!! Leave him as Edward. And use someone who can really protray the sex appeal that E.L James has created for Christian Grey.

  • hernan

    Ian Somerhalde is perhaps the only unattractive person for this line up- don’t ruin the movie with him..PLEASE!

  • Kelly

    Jessie Pavelka is Christian Grey!

  • Shelley

    Ian Somerhalder is the only actor that looks like a walking Christian Grey. Wonderful actor who’s actually interested in the part and would so do it justice.

  • Ianforgrey

    Ian Somerhalder is Christian Grey !! period.

  • Michelle

    Matt Bomer is definitely Christian Grey! His grey eyes, unruly hair, his feature, his fine muscular figure… It could be so long if I state them all. Matt should and must be CG!

  • Claire

    matt bomer is christian grey!!!

  • Tia

    Matt Bomer is perfect for this role!!!!!!

  • #Bomersessed♥

    All I can say is that Matthew Staton Bomer is the perfect Christian Grey, He is hot, got an amazing body, big butt, perfect face, hands and chin. HE IS CHRISTIAN GREY FOR MANY REASONS AND FOR MANY PEOPLE, AND THE PRODUCERS SHOULD TAKE THAT INTO ACCOUNT, FANS READ THE BOOKS AND PICTURE MATT BOMER WHILE READING, SO… #BomerForGrey Yall see the picture? That’s Christian Grey

  • Neal = Bomer = Grey♥

    Matt Bomer it’s perfect to be Christian Grey.

    Choose him PLEASE.

  • Rebecca

    Ian Somerhalder ALL THE WAY!!

  • Greydonis


  • Gabriela Beltran

    Matt Bomer is the only one who can play as Christian Grey

  • TT #BomerforGrey

    “He’s tall, dressed in a fine gray suit, white shirt, and black tie with unruly dark copper-colored hair” = MATT BOMER PEOPLE!!

  • Lucy

    Matt Bomer is Grey!!!!

  • Claudia Ferrer

    I dont like Matt Bomer! Eaghhh

  • bomerforgrey

    Matt Bomer is the only Grey no matter what you say.

  • Gizou2


  • myloveisgrey


  • myloveisgrey

    Matt Bomer is the only Christian Grey, he is so cute and dont care if he is gay, he is a wonderful actor and perfect to be Christian Grey! <3

  • Korina Sánchez Piña

    Matt Bomer is Christian Grey!

  • Angelita Vega

    Matt Bommer is the PERFECT~ Christian Grey. ¡¡Perfect!!

  • Jenyfer

    Matt Bomer es Christian Grey :D

  • Rory

    obviously Matt Bomer! he is the perfect Chistian Grey!

  • мuƒƒïη ∂σuвLεяαîηвøω

    Matt Bomer is Christian Grey of Course!!! it doesn’t matter if he’s gay, I can use my imagination with him e.e xD <3

  • leeanngrey


  • leeanngrey

    Collin egglsfield, he plays dex on something borrowed, he’s the perfect Christian grey and has beautiful eyes to match!!!

  • emy

    sin duda ninguna Matt Bomer… el mejor y el unico q puede caraterizarlo….

  • emy

    me encantaaaaaaaaaa Bomer,bomer,bomer,bomer………

  • emy

    sin ninguna duda Matt y siempre sera Matt para mi……

  • Anastasia

    Matt Bomer FOREVER

  • Genesis Maraj

    Matt Bomer is perf and gorgeous, He’s Christian Grey… I LOVE SO MUCH MATTY <3 #ProudBomerette.

  • eli

    Ian Somerhalder Ian Somerhalder the Christian Grey has to be no better candidate than, also is much more beautiful than Matt
    Ian Somerhalder
    Ian Somerhalder
    Ian Somerhalder
    Ian Somerhalder

  • Maria Gil

    Matt Bomer el hombre perfecto para ser Christian Grey, no busquen más.

  • Kary Cantu

    Is Bomer!!…that´s all! #BomerForGrey

  • GabrielaF.

    Matt Bomer

  • paula

    Matt Bomer is beautiful, but the fact that we know he is gay, is difficult to believe in him and his sick ant twisted sexual control, I prefer Henry Cavill or Somerhalder. In my opinion the best option is Alexander Skarsgard in the book says that Christian is tall and BLONDE no one of the others is blonde except for Gosling but he can´t play the rol for his thousands proyects.

    • La Conchu Dita

      Did you get distracted seeing Pattinson as a Vampire on the movie???

  • disqus_XaipzyQMqy

    BOMER TIENE QUE SER GREY A MI NO ME ENGAÑAN(?) pero posta, es muy perfecto y si christian es perfecto y matt es perfecto, y si juntamos las perfecciones seria una PERFECCION ABSOLUTA(?) okno solo, solo matt bomer es christian grey (:

  • Milagro

    Matt Bomer es simplemente perfecto puedo leer el libro y soñar q es el….
    desde q lo vi fueee flechazo el es cristian..!!

  • juliana mora


  • Florencia Pretzel

    Ian Somerhalder perfect for Christian grey!!

  • Karina Rasmussen

    I vote on GABRIEL MACHT

  • indy1991

    matt bomer the one&only christian he is perfect

  • Maria Sampedro Blanco

    digo lo mismo que Makeela “Matt bomer is the Christian grey package, so what if he is gay,he is a fantastic actor, Ian somerhalder isn’t Christian grey material , he has this baby face as where Matt has the dominant look”

  • Neal = Bomer = Grey♥

    Matt Bomer i’ts perfect to be Christian Grey

  • #BomerForGREY ♥

    #BomerForGrey *-*


  • nara

    matt Bomer is a real christian Gray

  • jeka


  • Angelica123Rush


  • Mon

    I think you should pick Alex Pettyfer as Christian Grey…

    While I was reading 50 shades trilogy, he was the only actor that crossed my mind as Christian. I think he fits in his skin.

  • Vane Trevizo

    Mat it’s just perfect, his eyes, simply perfect, doesn’t matter if he’s gay

  • guest

    Definitely Channing Tatum as Christian Grey!

  • kiki

    HENRY CAVILL♡!!!!!! is the Perfect Christian Grey!!!!!!

  • Javiera

    Matt Bomer Is Christian Grey Plzz

  • Gabrielle Mason

    I can’t help but think Ian Somerhalder is the best choice. The look in his eyes in the first picture up there is so very intense. However Matt Bomer would be just as good. Either of these two really would be the best one to play Christian Grey

  • Sandy Ann Martin

    ian somerhalder is the only Christian grey

  • Thekay Littley Wentz Walker

    Matt Bomer for C. Grey! Matt Bomer for C. Grey! Matt Bomer for C. Grey! Matt Bomer for C. Grey! Matt Bomer for C. Grey! Matt Bomer for C. Grey! Matt Bomer for C. Grey! Matt Bomer for C. Grey! Matt Bomer for C. Grey! Matt Bomer for C. Grey! Matt Bomer for C. Grey! Matt Bomer for C. Grey!

    Matt Bomer is Grey and your argument is invalid. Case closed!

  • Aria

    Robert pattison is perfect for christan grey and nina dobrev for Anastasia

  • Mia

    “He’s tall, dressed in a fine gray suit, white shirt, and black tie with unruly dark copper-colored hair”… Matt bomber is Christian Grey!!!

  • Laynee

    No offence to Matt but…I would be very distracted the whole movie if it was him playing Christian as he’s not into women. It would kinda ruin the movie for me. Just my opinion.

    • La Conchu Dita

      Did you get distracted seeing Pattinson as a Vampire on the movie???

      • Laynee

        What do you mean? Your not making sense.

  • anna

    MARIO CASAS !!!!

  • Valentino

    Matt Bomer or Henry Cavil. They both have the body and the face of Christian Grey. If we look at Grey’s seductive and dominant look,then I’ll go for Matt Bomer! ;)


  • BomerBabe618

    If Matt Bomer isn’t casted as Christian Grey I’m not seeing the movie. Period

  • Emma

    Matt Bomer all the way!! He is PERFECT Christian Grey! And Alexis Bledel his Anastasia

  • Maks

    Matt Bomer pleaseee!!

  • Wendy

    You are going to ruin the movie!! Alex Pettyfer all the way!!!!! He isn’t even on the list, but is a candidate!!

  • jen

    None of the above.

  • jen

    lopsided grin: check. unruly copper hair: check. sexy brooding look: check. believable as helicopter pilot: check. playful cocking of head and secret smile: check. smoldering dark sex gaze: check.
    Arie Luyendyck IS Christian Grey.

  • Cindy Ortiz

    Matt Bomer pleaseeeeeee

  • Elisabeth


  • Sandra Penners

    he is yummy

  • Majo Mmg

    Matt bomer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lola

    TAYLOR KINNEY IS CHRISTIAN GREY ! isn’t it obvious ?

  • Can’t wait to see who gets it

    Chris Pine or Armie Hammer. Both are handsome, talented, young, suave, charismatic and oozing sex appeal. And Amelia Clarke for Anastassia

  • julo94

    Matt Bomer he has the looks and the style for christian grey look the series of white collar he is the one and only christian grey !

  • WTF

    Why on earth would you want a gay man in the most heterosexual role ever? I don’t care how good an actor Bomer is it would totally ruin the fantasy for me and let’s face it this is not about great lierature – this is ALL about fantasy but here is a man who wouldn’t be interested in us ladies in a million years! Seems bizarre to me!!

    • La Conchu Dita

      If the fact he is gay, ruins it for you, is because you are fucked up, not him. Try to see how you feel about it, maybe you’re denying something deep inside yourself.

  • -•Daze me Moon☮•-

    Maybe we can consider that Jared Leto can be one of the options to be Christian Grey

  • jp

    This is fifty; big, dark, mysterious, sad, moody, and has the ability to pin you to a chair. Matt bomer is small, happy and bright. He is attractive just not unreadable like Henry!

  • jp

    Henry is Fifty! Big, fit, arrogant, beautiful, dark, unreadable, moody, animal like, and has the ability to pin you to a chair with a look!
    Matt is beautiful. small, sweet and has a happy look-very un-Christain-like!

  • Jacqui Peterson

    this is fifty

  • Aribeth

    Henry Cavill is the one to play CG. Matt bomer would have issues, no matter if he FITS the profile, No one considers his own personal issues…. I feel he’d be better as an elliot, who imo, is a close second to cg. I could see Ian being Kat’s brother. Robert, imo, is too cheeky and not mature enough for this type material. He’d be better off being Mr Grey’s watchman – Jacob. :-)

  • flo

    Matt ALL THE WAY xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • nanaa

    William Levy

  • Reesi Pärt

    Only Grey= Matt Bomer!

  • Miss Tina


  • ~sjofn~


    Ian us just pushing it, come ON, can you be more obvious? It’s embarrassing, to be honest. If you begged for it, you wouldn’t be more obvious about wanting the role. True, your straight, interested (obviously), and hyped up to play as Christian, but for me, you lack class and finesse. You might be brooding and mysterious, but I doubt you could pull all of it. Christian is alllll about class and finesse. He drinks wine for sanity’s sake.

    Matt on the other hand, plays it cool. He may be gay, and others might be saying Matt Fans are on it because of good looks, but he has all the right backing for the role. In my opinion, White Collar shows that he can play with class, he CAN play the role of a multi-billionaire. AND HE PLAYS PIANO. What the hell are you still looking for? Oh, and the smexyness proof you’re looking for is at Magic Mike.

    Henry, is fine. By the word fine, meant.. he is _fine_ and he would be ‘okay’ if he plays CG.

    Besides, if actors were made to match a role, I’d say Christian Grey was made to match Matt Bomer.


    MATT BOMER = CHRISTIAN GREY. Enough said. End of discussion.

    • La Conchu Dita

      You’re awesome

  • annie

    matt bomer please!!!!



  • charlotte

    the one and only for this part is MATT BOMER!!!!!
    he has charismatic and the certain something in his eyes!!!!

  • MikAnnBen

    The whole time I was reading the books, I was picturing Ian as CG. YUM <3

  • Agnes

    Matt Bomer definitely!!!!!

  • Carol

    Tim Rozen should be on the list, check him out please!

  • Samantha

    it has to bo Matt Bomer! He is the man that I’ve had in my head wile I was reading the book. And Alexis Bledel has to play Anastasia Steele!

  • Jan Vaz Kuchiki

    Christian Grey is Matt Bomer <3 Matt Bomer is Christian Grey

    • balegal1978

      no way

  • lilia reyes badillo

    Matt Bomer es perfecto para ser CHRISTIAN GREY cuando leemos este libro lo imaginamos a el…el libro lo escribieron como si hubiera sido en el que se hubieran inspirado por favor solo con el va hacer un éxito esta película nosotras las fans de este libro lo sabemos por favor escuchenos si

  • Maribel

    Matt siiii el tiene q ser..;);););)

  • Tanya

    Matt Bomer is a perfect Christian Grey!!! The best one to play Christian!

  • eliana5000

    i like Cavill, it’s very sexy!!!

  • Christie L.


  • Mrs Munk

    Peter Facinelli, is HOT :-) he could play Christian Grey…. the mystery man :-)

  • Markéta Lukšíková

    Matt is absolutely perfect….:-)

  • La Conchu Dita

    Matt bomer is perfect as Christian Grey, his personal life has nothing to do with his job, and he have made hot scenes with girls perfectly, plus no to mention Magic Mike.
    He’s an incredibly volatile actor to make each and all CG’s faces & temperament.
    He can be tough, but at the same time can be sad and cry, can be shy, can be angry telling you only with his so expressive eyes,
    He has the fineness and the elegance of a multimillionaire,
    I don’t understand why is a poll needed.
    Matt Bomer was born to give life to Christian Grey!
    And I’m not saying this as a fanatic (Actually I didn’t pay enough attention to him until I read 50 shades),
    I’m not talking from the fanatic view that blinds anything else.
    I’m talking being objective and considering the best choice of all that is not even a choice, is a fact.

    Matt bomer IS Christian Grey.
    I’m really sorry for those who can’t see that, because he really has it all to be him.

  • Ann Hernandez

    Ian is my only Christian Grey!!!!

  • Huzy

    Ian Somerhalder and Robert Pattinson couldn’t hold a candle to Christian Grey. Neither have the male presence or stature for such a character!

  • fadwa hassani

    Ian somerhalder looks nothing like Christian Grey , Matt Bomer though has it all in one! Matt is definetly the next C.G

  • fadwa hassani

    Matt Bomer should be the next Christian Grey . He’d be perfect

  • ad

    Matt , Matt and MAtt !!! He is christian grey

  • haiyahmesh


  • Ana Steele

    It has to be Matt Bomer.. I mean come on thats who I pictured Christian Grey to look like. #nuffsaid just hurry and make the bloody movie.

  • mrogers

    The only possible Christian Grey is SIMON BAKER (aka the mentalist)

  • Andie

    tyler hoechlin

  • facebook

    Makeela you are Soooooo right! Matt Bomer ALL THE WAY ;)…..Ian Somerhalder has has the baby face and honestly hate to say it but he’s kinda girl looking he doesn’t have the INTENSITY on screen as Matt Bomer does. sorry if I offended anybody., just my personal oppinionsl

  • Anna

    Matt Bomer is our Christian Grey. Who cares what he is doing in his personal life? He is the chosen one! I definetly vote for him. If he is not in the film, I wont see it.

    • balegal1978

      Bomer never was my CG and never will be.
      My CG is not gay

  • Angelik Montenegro Guzman

    matthew staton bomer :D

  • Lily

    Alexander Skarsgard is more than perfect for this role. As soon as I started reading the book, he is who I immediately thought of as Christian. If you have seen him in True Blood, then you know he is meant for this part!!!

  • Hanna

    In my opinion, the best actor for the role Christian Grey is Matt Bomer. Although he’s gay, this is not going to be a problem. he’s hot, charming, sweet, but he can be also cold, overbearing. He is an amazing actor, he can play every single role.
    When I read the book, I was thinking about Matt like Christian. There was nobody else on my mind ;))

  • ed westwickie

    ed westwick is sexy as hell

  • Yesii Argentina!

    Matt Bomer tiene que ser nuestro Christian Grey, tienen que escucharnos! Sin nosotros no hay pelicula!

  • Ian <3

    Ian Ian Ian Ian Ian Ian Ian Ian Ian Ian Ian Ian !!! <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Nury Carmona

    Oh Por favor!, necesitamos un hombre heterosexual que realmente transmita ese genuino deseo por las mujeres. Ian es fisicamente exacto a Christian Grey, el merece este papel… Nació para hacer este papel!

  • Matthew McConaughey fan

    I vote for Matthew McConaughey

  • Kayla


  • Ken

    Since Charlie Hunnum and Dakota Johnson has been confirmed to play the leading roles, all I can picture in my mind whenever I read the books is Charlie and Dakota. And I think they are perfect for each other (for the movie that is). :)

  • Mara

    Universal, please make your choice for Bomer, there is no other Grey

    • balegal1978

      Matt is not even interested in the role

  • RITA


    • balegal1978

      he is old for the part,they are looking for an actor in his 25-33 years old

  • debbie

    Matt Bomer end of discussion. P.S. If it is Robert Pattinson I will die! He is a boy not a man and is to skinny.

    • balegal1978

      Bomer never will be chosen as CG.
      End of discussion

  • balegal1978

    Forget Matt Bomer or Ian Somerhalder,people!
    They are old for the part!
    They are looking for an actor in his 25-33 years old
    My vote is for Henry Cavill,but I think he is very busy at the moment .

  • balegal1978

    The following is the character description of the role of Christian Grey:

    [CHRISTIAN GREY] Male, 25-33 years old, Caucasian, the perfect man, hes extremely good-looking, sexy, confident and carries himself well. His intelligence and drive has led him to become a self-made billionaire. LEAD.

    Matt and Ian are definitely out!

  • balegal1978

    The following is the character description of the role of Christian Grey:

    [CHRISTIAN GREY] Male, 25-33 years old, Caucasian, the perfect man, hes extremely good-looking, sexy, confident and carries himself well. His intelligence and drive has led him to become a self-made billionaire. LEAD.

    Matt and Ian are out

  • kelly duplantis

    Kellan Lutz

  • jwejeje

    Robert Pattinson? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!.

    Henry Cavill…HE IS CHRISTIAN GREY!

  • justsaying


  • Stevie

    Hey people…I totally agree the matt bomer should play christian grey. But I read that he said he will not play the role.Maybe he will change his mind ..but what if not!!?? What about Steven Arnell or Armie Hammer! They’re very fine guys and have gray blueish eyes and both of them look Damm good in suits. Think about it.

  • Bob

    Christian Grey is BLACK!!! Why aren’t any black actors being considered?!?! I think there is a racial issue here because there are so many black talented actors who can play this role. Jesse Williams IS Christian Grey!! There is also Lance Gross who is also sexy as hell, Derek Luke, Mechad Brooks, Romeo Miller, Damon Wayans Jr., Jay Ellis, Corbin Bleu, and last bit not least Michael Ealy

  • Rainbow

    How about Alex Pettyfer???

  • verochio

    Matt bomer and Alexis B.!!!

  • Anastasi

    Ian Somerhalder-perfect Gray!Very sexy!!

  • Marie

    Alex Skarsgard, straight and can act beautifully.

  • elena

    The most ideal: DAVID GANDY

  • Tammara Johnson


  • inspiration

    Charlie Hunnam is my Grey! 4ever

  • Gen

    Charlie Hunnem!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gen

    Charlie Hunnem is ideal Cristian…..go back him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kattail

    Scott Eastwood is intriguing.

  • kim

    I vote Wentworth Miller, played Michael in prison break

  • Stacey

    What about ingo rademacher?! He would be the perfect Christian grey!!!!

  • gabrielle

    ian somerhalder <3 yesssss!!!! someone who isnt on the list… Gagas boyfriend Taylor Kinney!

  • ry

    look up oliver goodwill, HE’D BE PERFECT!!!!!

  • Оттенки <3

    Мэтт Бомер потрясающий!

  • Любимка

    Да! Мэтт Бомер единственный претендент! Кристиан – его роль, это ясно любому, кто читал книгу и видел Бомера.

  • Crystal

    It should be Julian McMahon from Nip/Tuck!

  • Elvira

    Всем привет (Hello).Почему я проголосовала за Мэтта Бомера?Потому что он единственный, кто ассоциируется у меня с Кристианом из всех кандидатов. Народ (people) голосуем за него!Да,я из России.Welcome to Russia!)))

  • Elvira

    Тут есть еще русские?Давайте активненько активненько голосуем за Мэтта)

  • Jessica

    Christian does not use eye liner an blush like I have seen that Ian guy wear in a lot of his photos. He just doesn’t do it for me an wasn’t he in days of our lives a billion years ago? What about Chris pine?

  • jblunt

    I think David Lyons from Revolution is PERFECT!!!!!

  • Christine Braho Pritts

    Jim Caviezel from Persons of Interest is my vote:)

  • Brit-iren fjeldberg

    Matt Bomer is the best Cristian Gray He`s got the look and he is sexy i hope he get the roll please let him;)

  • AliCat

    Ben Barnes would be the perfect Christian Grey. He played Dorian Grey, in the movie Dorian Grey. If you haven’t seen that movie, you need to see it and then you would know he would be perfect for the roll of Christian Grey.

  • Julia Ruiz

    MAX IRONS would be phenomenal!!!!!

  • Sabrina

    I disagree Makeela. Alexander Skarsgard would be perfect. Have you ever watched True Blood? He plays the overbearing & controlling bastard to a T & you still love his character because he also has a soft side.

  • ruth


  • rach

    pls have JAY RYAN on the poll

  • Jhaydren

    William Levy!!

  • Michelle Tomazewski

    Ian is much more attractive and a better actor then Bomer.

  • Liana

    Matt Bomer please

  • Siedah Lee

    Here are 200000 votes for Wentworth Miller please cast him as Christian Grey

  • Sara Lu

    Seriously considering the idea of asking a petition so Matt Bomer and Alexis Bledel become Christian Grey and Anastasia or we are not watching the movie. Who else would be perfect for these roles? They not only fit the description, but also they have the charism and character to play it. Why would they reject him just because he is gay? His acting is great around women, besides he is gorgeous!COME ON casting people.. Think a little bit about the ones who would pay for those tickets and who can make your movie a blockbuster success or just a great financial failure!

  • Alora

    Okay if you read these wonderful books and you have ever seen the show Gossip Girl, you should know it is a no brainier, Ed Westwick needs to be “THE CHRISTIAN GREY”! There sure is no one else for the roll. I read the books before ever seeing Gossip Girl and when I first saw Ed Westwick I paused my TV and screamed Christian Grey!!! He’s perfect, not very known, so very sexy (if i saw him walking down the street I would stare at him if he had a girl on his arm or not.) You really need to do whats best for these movies, and if you haven’t understood yet, that would be to cast Ed Westwick as your Christian!

  • Caroline Persson

    Don’t understand any of those choises! I want to see Jonathan Rhys Meyers or Bradley Cooper as Christian Grey. Don’t need to see the movie otherwise!

  • Original human

    Seriously people !!
    who’s making the movie ??
    people refused the cast Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson !! then why ur making it ! … they r not even like what the book says !!
    if u want the movie be successful … listen to the people .. Matt Bomer is out and he was so clear about … it makes us sad , but we should understand why !
    but Ian Somerhalder is sooooooo perfect for it ! come on !! he’s the perfect match !
    Ana should be some one like Alexis bledel , hope she says yes !
    thats it … hope u listen this time !!

  • elizabeth

    i would like for them to choose Matt Bomer but if they don’t want to
    pick him, why don’t they choose someone like ZAC EFRON? cause i don’t like
    the guy they choose to play Christian Grey

  • Cicely

    Since reading the first fifty shades book, I have only imagined Henry Cavill for this role. He can act, he’s tall dark and handsome, has messy grey hair same as Christian Grey. I think Henry Cavill should be chosen for this part hands down. I can see Cavill playing this part because I think he will be more convincing as Christian Grey.

  • Jasmine

    Ian would play the role perfectly :)

  • vicky

    vote for matt bomer

  • kassy

    vote for Matt Bomer

  • Cindy

    I wish Ryan Wiik had been more in the public eye during this time, he would have been the perfect Christian Grey.