The Fifty Shades of Grey Official Jewelry!

Fifty Shades of Grey official merchandise has been rolling out . We have The Classical Album, then The Official Pleasure Collection and The Official Party Game. Now then Fifty Shades of Grey Fine Jewelry.

Jewelry designer Janet Cadsawan has collaborated with author E L James to create a collection of Fifty Shades inspired fine jewelry.


Official Fifty Shades of GreyTM Fine Jewelry Collection Released

New York, NY – February 4, 2013 – A Scrolled Skeleton Key, Sexy Double-Handcuffs, and Christian Grey’s Tie. And no, you don’t have to wait for Mr. Grey to invite you into his playroom to enjoy these pleasures. These signature styles from designer Janet Cadsawan’s Fifty Shades of GreyTM collaboration with Fifty Shades trilogy author E L James will be available to the public February 4, 2013 on
This unique collaboration developed after years of Cadsawan creating cult collections of fashion-forward fine jewelry inspired by stories. Cadsawan’s genius for melding fantasy with fashion climaxes in every piece, allowing the wearer to carry the essence of the story in a chic, secretive accessory.

“When a story – whether it’s a book, movie or TV show – has a soul, we never want it to end,” says Cadsawan. “The jewelry I create lets the story live forever in wearable art. The story and characters’ DNA are embedded in say, a magic ring or locket or in the case of Fifty Shades of Grey, a riding crop necklace. These symbols link together the romance of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey.”


The first three pieces from the collection – Sterling Silver tie, skeleton key, and handcuff necklaces – are available for for pre-order now on Amazon and will ship on February 14, 2013. Click on an image to view the items .


The complete collection will debut in April and will include 25 unique peices inspired by the Fifty Shades Trilogy including Mr. Grey’s Charms, Flogger Lariat, Double-Handcuff Bracelets, and Cuff-and-Key earrings. Prices will range from $150 to $1000 and you can sign up for email updates on the Fifty Shade of Grey Fine Jewelry official site to be the first to know when the entire collection becomes available.

You can also check out Cadsawan’s website featuring these three items


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